Product And Services

Product and Services:

Lakes Homes Inc. aims to provide a complete spectrum of services for all your construction needs. From simple  remodeling to major new construction, complex renovations or project planning, we ensure every detail of your  project is managed with forethought and precision.

We take the time to understand your need with a vision for the end product that you wish for. We use the combination of our skills and knowledge to provide you with a solution that is efficient, functional and delivered at the best price.  We invest the time to design, allocate resources, and timeline the entire project to make sure we are on time and on budget.

For any construction project we go though an extensive step-by-step method to assure we capture all your  requirements and needs and provide you the best of our services. Here is a breakdown of our process.

    1. Initial Meeting- during this meeting our goal is to determine the vision of the work. We set up a one on one meeting with you to sit down and put together a plan, determine size, layouts, products and any other key features and details you are looking for. This consultation usually takes between half an hour to 1 hour depending on the type of project we are discussing and the work involved. We appreciate as much information you can provide at this time such as the timeline you have in mind, the budget you are looking to work with etc. You can set the meeting up by either directly calling our office at 612-221-1108 or by going to the contact us page and submitting an online query using our website.
    2. Bidding/ Budget Phase– Once we have successfully met with you and have captured all the key information, we return to the drawing board and start our initial phase where we put together various estimates like number of crew members we will need, the hours that it will take to complete the task, required material, permits etc. Once all this is taken in to consideration, we generate a bid/ budget document for your project. Our project budgets are exact and guaranteed to not change through out the lifecycle of the project unless, a change is made to scope by you or an unforeseen issue (soil issues, existing damage that need fix and attention, previous work that is not according to code etc.). If there are changes made then this phase can span over a period of days. Due to Minnesota’s weather we only get a certain time period to do construction and because of this our schedules fill up very quickly. So if you are confident in selecting Lakes Homes Inc. as your construction provider, let us know immediately so we can work together by reserving a spot in the schedule for you. Once you have a spot in the schedule we can continue to modify or do additions to the existing design and plan to make it more fine-tuned.
    3. Acceptance and Paper work- Once all the plan changes are finalized and final prices on the budget/ bid have been accepted we will set up a meeting either one on one or over the phone to go over the paper work and signing the contract. During this meeting we can provide you with key information like when we can start the project, what you can expect during after we start the project, anticipated completion date, etc.
      Note: Every city charges different amounts for building permits.  Because of this, we include only an allowance for the permit fee in our proposals.  Lakes Homes will pull and pay for all necessary permits for your project prior to starting construction.  The fees associated with these permits will be adjusted in your final invoice, as needed.
    4. Construction– this is where the action begins! Ben with his crew will start the project on the agreed upon start date. We make every attempt to make sure that the same crew works on your project from start to finish, however if there is any change of a member of the crew you will be notified. Rest assured Ben will provide his one on one attention to your project by being available at the site. During the construction phase we make sure we demo any necessary products like footing, framing, deck stairs, siding etc. depending upon the type of project we are working on.


With our step-by-step approach we have varied project experiences. Lakes Homes has a proven track record of successfully accomplishing projects like new construction, remodeling, renovation and other around the house projects.  Visit our sections below to see the portfolio of some of the work we have successfully completed for our clients.



Over the years Decks have transformed from a space for grilling, entertaining, sitting around, or even an outdoor living space. Today decks serve as an outdoor entertainment space to gather and enjoy nature.

With our avid experience of deck construction, you have the flexibility to completely customize a deck from top to bottom to fit your needs. With an endless list of options to choose from for construction material you can completely change the look and feel of the outdoor space you have. Lakes Homes deck construction service can help you get the deck you have always wanted.

As part of our services we can build a brand new deck from scratch, or give a facelift to the old run down deck that is wrecking the appeal of your home. Need more deck space? No problem. Our expert service team can add on to the existing structure tastefully and seamlessly and give your existing deck a fresh new look.

Whether you want the natural beauty of wood (such as Cedar) or the low-maintenance option of a capped composite or PVC material (such as Azek), we’ve got you covered. No matter which decking material you choose, you’re sure to have the perfect deck to look forward to.




Does your home have that dark, damp unwelcoming area that you use for storing just your holiday lights and trees etc.? If you are ready to change that in to an area full of possibilities and add value to your home, we can do it for you.

We have completed many basement projects where we changed the basement from an unfinished underground space to a warm welcoming addition to your home.  Unlike other states in the country, Minnesota houses almost need to have a full basement. Usually the basement spaces are left unfinished when a new home is constructed, however a finished basement with your custom features can add that personal space just for you and your family.  We build custom designs and concepts for the basement of your dreams. From a simple finished basement to a fun filled space with wet bar, cozy fireplace, game room, to a totally custom-made man cave, you name it! No matter the challenge we have the skills, manpower and the concept to make it a reality.


New Constructions, Additions and Remodels-

Lakes Homes offers new construction, remodeling and structure addition services. We make the building process as simple for you as possible by providing a detailed timeline, outlining the entire process from start to finish. We have built a wide variety of unique, homes and are capable of completing your dream home from initial concept and site development to design, construction and final warranty phase.

Our construction knowledge and experience can turn the blue print you have into a reality. Whether you are looking for new construction or you have simply outgrown your existing home but love the location, the surrounding, the property, the neighbors, we can do an addition to your existing home and make it a working solution for you.

We provide services to do remodels to your existing structure. If you have a vision for the home with some ideas or pictures that inspire your dream we can provide you the customized plan and solution for your dream to come true.

Please take a moment to go through our gallery of our completed projects to see how dramatically a home’s aesthetics and functions can change with some simple additions or remodeling services.



Roofing and Sidings-

Lakes Homes has an extensive portfolio in roofing and siding projects. Our full-service construction team can help you complete virtually any residential roofing and siding installation and repairs project. Our highly trained and experienced team members will work with you to get you the right information and advice and help you make the right choice for your project.

Don’t let natural calamities such as severe storms, hail, or tornadoes slow you down! Whether it is your roof or siding or any other structure issue we can help you fix it and make your home structurally safe and beautiful as before again.